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Horseriding in Aksu Dzhabagly reserve

12 day(s)
from April to October
Tour countries:
Type of tour:
Adventure, Trekking

Day 1    Almaty

Arrival to Almaty. Transfer to the Kazzhol Hotel. Short rest. Almaty (i.e. "father of apples" or "father of apple trees") is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the nation's largest city, with a population of 1,5 mln.  Despite losing its status as the capital to Astana in 1997, Almaty remains the major commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan. The city is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan, near the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Second half of the day will be dedicated to Alamty's landmarks sightseeing: visit Panfilov park, the remarkable Cathedral of the Holy Ascension (built in 1907 by architect Andrei Zenkov during a period in which the main building material of the earthquake-wary city was wood. The cathedral reaches a height of more than 53m, making it one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world), Museum of national musical instruments, National museum, Medeo gorge, Republic square.

Departure from Almaty by train "Otrar" at 17.50 to Baurzhan Momysh-Uly station (Burnoe) (760 km, 12 hours). Overnight in train.

Day 2

Arrival to the station Baurzhan Momysh-Uly at 4.30 AM. Transfer: Station Baurzhan Momysh - Uly - Aksu Dzhabagly Reserve to Topshak hunt cordon. Breakfast. Horse-riding in Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. This is the oldest nature reserve in Central Asia. It is located in the southern province of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It covers the north-western mountain chains of the Tian Shan. Its name is derived from the biggest river in the area, the Aksu, and the mountain chain Zhabagly which is located in the northern part of the area. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Ulken - Kayndy tract (H-1800) (8 km). It is our first day of trip in Reserve, our way lies via mountain meadows along mountains with archa bushes. We cross small stream, which takes its source from gorge. Soon we see Ulken - Kayndy valley (in Russian - Big birches), opposite - big mountain with bare top. Then our way lies to Topshak - saz' tract and further - along the valley of Dzhabagly river. Return to Topshak cordon. Overnight in the tents.

Day 3

Breakfast. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Ulken - Kayndy gorge' - Ulken - Kayndy pass (H-2900). Back to the camp of the Reserve. Overnight in the tents.

Day 4

Breakfast. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Kasbulak river - Kasbulak tract - valley of petrogliphs (12 km). Black stones in which are carved pictures, concentrated in the square more 1 sq. km. Mainly in the pictures are the figures of mountain goats. Back to the camp of the Reserve. Overnight in the tents.

Day 5

Breakfast. Horseriding: Kazbulak - Kayndy gorge - Kyshy river - Kayndy gorge (H-1800) - Zhabagly village (14 km). After Ulken - Kayndy gorge we raise to the small plateau with meadows. Visit to waterfall in the Kyshy - Kayndy river and go down and go out from the gorge to plain. Accommodation in overnight in private hotel.

Day 6

Breakfast. Trip to the Stalactitic Cave near Akbiyik village. Transfer by auto: Dzhabagly village - Ak-Beit village (15 km). Excursion to the cave. Return to the hotel in Dzhabagly. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7

Breakfast. Horseriding: Dzhabagly village - Taldybulak tract -Aksu canyon (H1620) (9 km). Today trip begins from Dzhabagly village. We pass village and the road raises to the mountains. Than pass Irsu plateau and again raise to the Aksu canyon. Overnight in the tents.

Day 8

Breakfast. Horseriding: Aksu canyon - Chuuldak tract - Darbaza tract (12 km). From the place of our camp, some time we go along automobile road, which later bifurcates and old neglected road go down to Aksu canyon. Soon we see narrow passage between high and plumbs rocks - it is Darbaza (gate in Kazakh). This river made a crevice, which is nearly 100 m, width only 6-8 m. We pass the bridge over Baldarbek river. Overnight in the tents.

Day 9

Breakfast. Horseriding: Darbaza - Sayramsu tract (11 km). We go along valley of Sayramsu river, which has beautiful meadow and in the afternoon we come to the mountain guest house ''Altex''. Accommodation in mountain guest house "Altex". Overnight.

Day 10

Breakfast. Visit to Sayramsu tract. Transfer to Shymkent (60 km). Departure from Shimkent to Almaty by train ''Otrar'' (780 km). Overnight in train.

Day 11

Arrival to Almaty at 9.00 a .m. Meeting at railway station ''Almaty - 2''. Breakfast. City tour, visit ''Green Market''. Trip by cable way to the Kok-Tobe mountain, panorama of the town. Visit to Medeo gorge. Accommodation in the hotel "Kazzhol", overnight

Day 12

Seeing to airport. Departure from Almaty.

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