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Silk way and Baikonur cosmodrome

8 day(s)
from March to November
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Adventure, General

Day 1    Almaty

Arrival to Almaty. Transfer to the Kazzhol Hotel. Short rest. Almaty (i.e. "father of apples" or "father of apple trees") is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the nation's largest city, with a population of 1,5 mln.  Despite losing its status as the capital to Astana in 1997, Almaty remains the major commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan. The city is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan, near the border with Kyrgyzstan.

Second half of the day will be dedicated to Alamty's landmarks sightseeing: visit Panfilov park, the remarkable Cathedral of the Holy Ascension (built in 1907 by architect Andrei Zenkov during a period in which the main building material of the earthquake-wary city was wood. The cathedral reaches a height of more than 53m, making it one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world), Museum of national musical instruments, National museum, Medeo gorge, Republic square.

Transfer by car to railway-station Almaty II. We take a train "Otrar" to Chimkent city at 18.04. Dinner and overnight on the train. 

Day 2    Shymkent - Temirlan - Ekpindy - Shaulder - Otrar - Arstanbab - Turkestan (222 km).

Breakfast. Visiting of Chimkent's Independence park. Transfer: Shymkent - Temirlan village (48 km), visit to museum Khadji Mukana, the exposition of a museum tells about well-known Kazakh wrestler Mukan Munaitpasov who was the first Kazakh world champion in French style wrestling. Transfer: Temirlan village - Ekpindy village (22 km), on a way survey of the Red bridge in the village Ekpindy on the Bogen river, constructed in 1886. Transfer: Ekpindy village - Tortkol village - Shaulder village (78 km). Arrival in Shaulder village. Lunch in local cafe. Excursion in a museum "Otrar" in which there are archeological finds with ancient Otrar, ransack and burnt by armies Chingis Khan in XII century. The ending of excursion, transfer: Shaulder village - Kogam village - site of ancient settlement Otrar (X - XII с. с.) (14 km), visiting of site of ancient settlement Otrar, archeological excavations - a medieval bath, a mosque, residential area, a fortification. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Otrar - mausoleum Arstanbab (3 km), visiting of the mausoleum. Transfer to mosque Arstanbab (1 km), constructed on money of the Kazakhstan patron of art, visiting of a mosque. Transfer: mosque Arstanbab - city Turkestan (56 km), arrival in Turkestan, transfer in hotel, accommodation. Dinner, overnight.

Day 3    Turkestan - ruins Sauran - village Zhanakorgan - village Shieli - Kyzylorda (312 km)

Breakfast. Visiting historical and architecturally a complex of Akhmed Yasavi: gallery of stone status, cultural-historical museum, historical (cultural sanctuary) museum Azaret-Sultan, the Gates (Darvaza) XIX c., Esimkhan mausoleum (XVI c.), Rabii Sultan Begim mausoleum (XV c.), Akhmed Yassavi mausoleum (XII-XIV c.c.), Zhuma mosque (1878), underground mosque Khilovat (XII-XV c.c.), oriental bathhouses (XV-XVI c.c.). Lunch in the local restaurant. Transfer: Turkestan - site of ancient settlement Sauran (51 km). From the left side of highway, behind the railway lines see the ancient fortress Sauran (XII - XVI с . с .) Sauran was strategic trading city on river Syr-Darya. In XII century Sauran became capital of the White Horde. In XIV century Timur has transformed city into a military fortress (diameter 550 - 800 meters) and its location on the Silk way helped its prosperity. The most interesting in this city were underground channels of water. Visiting the site of ancient settlement. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sauran - village Zhanakorga (68 km), visiting of a regional historical museum. In a museum there is a rich exposition ancient female ornaments, musical instruments, the governmental military awards of times of Soviet Union. Survey of a monument by the victim in World War II. Transfer: village Zhanakorgan - site of ancient settlement Sygnak (42 km). Survey of a restored mosque-medrese (XIII - XVII с . с .), Walk on archeological excavations of a site of ancient settlement. Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sygnak - village Shieli (21 km). Visiting a regional history museum, survey of Ibray Zhukhaev exposition, who was a well-known rice-grower in Kazakhstan, expositions of national musical instruments. After excursion to museum transfer to Kyzylorda (130 km). Arrival to Kyzylorda, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner at hotel's restaurant, overnight.

Day 4    Kyzylorda - memorial Korkyt-Ata - Baikonur town (234 km)

Breakfast. Start city excursion, visiting Regional Museum of History that was established in 1939. You will also visit central area of Kyzylorda and have a sightseeing tour across the city. Lunch in restaurant "Kyz Zhibek". After lunch transfer to memorial complex Korkyt-Ata (168 km). The Khorkhyt-Ata Monument is dedicated to Khorkhyt (or Korkut), the legendary musician, philosopher, narrator and inventor of the kobyz, who is known to many Turkic nations. After excursion transfer to Baikonur (66 km). Arrival to check-point, formalities with checking permits and passports, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner, overnight.

Day 5 Cosmodrome Baikonur

Breakfast. Start excursion in Baikonur cosmodrome at atound 8.00. We will check Proton rocket launchsite, a platform 200 (63 km, 1 hour) from where more than 90 lauches were made. Transfer to Soyuz complex. After lunch, transfer to platform 1 from where Yuri Gagarin made his first flight into the space, (8 km, 20 mines). Visit Baikonur Cosmodrome Museum - have a look at the first artificial satellite of the Earth. Check the legendary "Buran" space-shuttle standing next to the museum. After museum excursion visit a small houses where Jury Gagarin and second cosmonaut Herman Titov spent a night before the start. Returning to Baikonur town (50 km, 40 minutes). After dinner watch famous Sovie film "White sun of desert". Overnight.

Day 6    Baikonur 

Breakfast. Baikonur town excursion

Day 7    Baikonur - Kyzylorda - Turkestan (546 km)

Breakfast. Transfer: Baykonur town - Kyzylorda - Turkestan (546 km). Lunch on the way. Arrival to Turkestan, transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 8    Turkestan - Almaty

Breakfast. Flight to Almaty or transfer overland

Tour schedule

1Arrival to Almaty. City sightseeing
1Transfer to railway-station, take a train to Chimkent city
2After checking Chimkent transfer to Turkistan
3Transfer to Kyzylorda
4Arrival to Baikonir check-point, formalities with checking permits and passports, transfer to hotel
7Transfer Baykonur town - Kyzylorda - Turkestan (546 km).
7Arrival to Turkestan, transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight.
8Flight to Almaty or transfer overland