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Transport in Petropavlosk (Petropavl)

Air Astana flies to Astana four times weekly. SCAT flies to Almaty five times a week. 

From the train station trains leave at least three times daily to Astana (nine to 10 hours) and Kokshetau (four hours) and once or more to Almaty (31 hours). They also head to many Russian cities including daily services to Moscow (41 to 46 hours), Omsk (4,5 hours), Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk; 15 hours) and even Vladivostok (five days). Rail timetables here use Moscow time (two hours behind local time in summer, three hours in winter).

There are 10 daily buses to Kokshetau (3,5 hours), seven to Astana (10 hours) and two each to Omsk (6 hours) and Tyumen (8,5 hours) from the bus station.