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Grigorievka & The Ak-Suu Valley

Some of the best alpine scenery on the north shore is located up the Chong Ak-Suu Valley, due north of the village of Grigorievka. Cut by a raging river, the valley runs 22km from Grigorievka to a trio of small alpine lakes. It’s possible to hike the whole way, but you could also hitch a lift or take your own vehicle. In summer there are plenty of yurt stays and roadside restaurants, plus another yurt stay at the first lake. Local boys inevitably appear to offer horses for rent plus a few falconers who will charge you for the thrill of holding an eagle on your arm.

We can arrange horse treks between Grigorievka and Semyenovka gorges overnighting in either tents or yurts. The nearby village of Semyenovka offers access to the Kichi (Little) Ak-Suu Valley, which has the Kyrchyn Gorge, a winter sports centre and one yurtstay called Yurta Kubat Sidikov with two cosy guest yurts, located 2.5km past the ranger gate.