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In Kyrgyzstan, visa requirements are the most liberal of Central Asia. With the new law on visa-free travel, it became even easier for the majority of visitors to Kyrgyzstan. If you still need a visa, beware that a Kyrgyz visa is date-specific, meaning entry and exit date are written on the visa; you cannot enter before the entry date or leave after the expiry date.

Check first if you need a tourist visa at the following page.

The Kyrgyzstan tourist visa is issued for 15 or 30 days, with single or double entry. There is no difference for authorities in Kyrgyzstan, visa application form and procedure stay the same. Longer duration and double entry is simply more expensive. Standard procedure to apply for a Kyrgyzstan tourist visa is to bring a letter of invitation from a tourist company. However, citizens of some countries do not need a letter of invitation and can apply for a tourist visa straight at the embassy. These are: Albania, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Indonesia, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Oman, Romania, South Africa, Slovakia, Serbia, Venezuela. Citizens of these countries also do not need to register at OVIR.

Kyrgyzstan visa on arrival

It is possible to get the Kyrgyzstan visa on arrival in Manas airport. It’s the same idea as before: if you need a letter of invitation, you will need one for the VOA too, but if you are from a country that doesn’t need a LOI, you do not need one here either. It’s 60$ for a single entry 30 day tourist visa, 70$ for double entry 30 day tourist visa on arrival. It is not possible to get more than 1 month at the airport.