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Tax Free operates in Armenia now

Foreign citizens visiting Armenia can claim back the VAT tax on purchases made during their visit to Armenia when they leave the country, according to Ministry of Finance. Tax Free regime will be valid only on purchases made from organizations that are registered as VAT payers. One can use the system only if there is a «Tax free invoice» available for purchased goods or receipt & PFC Tax free invoice, the cost of goods purchased at the same store within one day exceeded 100 thousand AMD (including VAT) ($ 250), VAT exceeded 16 thousand 670 drams and if the goods were not used before their leaving the country and is in their original packaging.


Mobile guides in Georgia now

Starting from August 1 the so called "Mobile Guides" will appear at all border crossings and airports in Georgia in order to provide tourists and visitors with interesting information about the country, tourist itineraries and so on. They have selected around 80 people for this purpose, according to the head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia Giorgi Sigua.


Sea beaches of Georgia

Georgia is unique country, which is famous for its wines, healing waters of Borjomi sources, unique culture and, of course, beaches. Georgian beaches on the Black sea is an opportunity to have a nice sunbath and improve your health. This is due to the fact that the Black Sea waters are rich in minerals  useful for the human body and the low level of ultraviolet radiation allows to bring children to its shores.


Annual Report and Promo Commercial released by The Tourism Department

The role of tourism industry in a national economy is growing not only in Kyrgyzstan but generally in the world. Today tourism industry is one of the dominant sectors of the Kyrgyz economy as well. Main purpose of the Tourism Department is to create favourable conditions for business activity of tourism organizations and to establish a modern regulatory framework stimulating growth in this sphere, as well as development and promotion of KR tourism inside the country and abroad.


Official Tourism Information Portal will be launched in Kyrgyzstan

Department of Tourism intends to monitor service standards in local health resorts using latest information technologies, according to Maksat Chakiev, Head of Tourism Department at the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism. He said that presently it is impossible to regulate the service standards in each health resort at the legislative level.