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Shopping in Dushanbe

Dushanbe, like many eastern cities, developed as a settlement market. In the early years of its formation, the market worked only on Mondays. Over time, a small bazaar became more noisier, grew and was not content with just the beginning of the week for its work. But the evidence of origin of the Tajik capital forever reflected in the name of the capital: "Dushanbe" is translated as - "Monday".


New eco-routes for tourists created in Georgia

New eco-routes have been created for tourists at five protected areas of Georgia. Among them are biking at the Tbilisi National Park, nature trail in the Lagodekhi reserve, walking tours along the canyons in the national park Mtirala, paddling/canoeing in the Colchis national park and geological route in Vashlovani.



Construction of Kaskasu Ski Resort is scheduled for completion by 2019 according to Oyrat Mamirov, the director of the company that oversees the construction. Kaskasu world-class ski resort will be built in the canyon of the Kaskasu Tolebi district of the South Kazakhstan region, 50 kilometers from Shymkent.


Interview with Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov

We are honored to host the 1st European Games 2015. Azerbaijan hosted a number of international competitions, but this will be the first-ever multi-sport event. We have the ability to create the conditions for training sportsmen in different climatic conditions. We bid to host the Olympic Games of 2016 and 2020 but failed to win.


The most popular Azerbaijan summer tourist destinations named

The regions of Azerbaijan that are most popular among tourists in summer time have been announced by Azerbaijan Tourism Association. Advisor to the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTA) Muzaffer Agakerimov said that 'Despite the fact that Azerbaijan has six or seven tourist attractive regions, travellers prefer only three of them'.