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"Kazantip" and "Krymfest" alike festivals to be held in Georgia

According to National Tourism Administration head George Sigua, there will be two festivals similar to "Kazantip" and "Krymfest" to be held in Georgia. NAT are expecting 100% increase in the number of Ukrainian tourists. "Two important festivals will be held this summer in Georgia. There were two very important festivals held in Crimea annually, Kazantip" and "Krymfest.


Ancient artifacts will be shown at an exhibition in Astana

May 16 at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan there will be opening of the National Treasures Exhibition of antique jewelry from the Әdemі-Ay Art Museum. Art Museum was founded in 2011 by known collector and art expert Bakhargul Tolegen. Nowadays, in the museum’s permanent exhibition, which funds include more than a thousand of artifacts, you can see archaeological artifacts of the Kushan Empire dating from the III - I centuries BC and historical rarities of the VI - XII centuries.


Stereotypes about tourism in Kyrgyzstan

There are many stereotypes about tourism in Kyrgyz Republic which we should defy. One of these stereotypes is high prices. Domestic tourism market players, i.e. tour operators, travel agencies, resorts, motels, our own people, have negative perception on tourism industry and assume that prices are unreasonably high.


Only 10% of hotels operating in Azerbaijan are having stars

Only 10.1% of hotels operating in Azerbaijan are classified into star categories. According to the Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism there are altogether 520 hotels and hotel-type facilities operating in the country. Currently only 53 are star category hotels. “Among them 36 hotels are in Baku and 17 hotels are in different regions of the country.


Promo commercial about Kyrgyzstan released

Tourism Department will release the first promotion commercial about Kyrgyzstan. K-News was informed about it by Maksat Chakiev, the Head of Tourism Department. "As you know, now there is mostly negative information about Kyrgyzstan in the Internet based on our past socio-political situations. We need promo-commercials that would reveal the tourist potential of our country, show us the way we would like to be seen in the outside world.