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The Museum of Fine Arts' "Exhibition of Kyrgyz masters"

The event is dedicated to the International Women's Day - March 8. The exhibition presents three kinds of Kyrgyz crafts - kurak, shyrdak and tush kiyiz. "At this exhibition presents more than 100 works. Visitors of the exhibition could see art masters of Naryn, Talas and Chui regions. The exhibition aims to explore the expansion of the visitors with a traditional folk art and the ability to buy favorite author's products,"- said in a statement.


International organizations are to support tourism development in Tajikistan

International organizations accredited in Tajikistan have expressed their readiness to support the development of tourism in the country. According to "AP" in the Secretariat of the Consultative Council on improvement of investment climate under the President of Tajikistan, multilateral meeting with development partners took part on Wednesday at the office of the Secretariat in Dushanbe.


In Dushanbe, during the celebration of Navruz will be functionning a 22-meter waterfall.

Artificial waterfall score at the new city park "Navruzgoh." The waterfall will be a replica of the famous waterfall Sari Khosor, located in the territory Baljuvan district of Khatlon region. New metropolitan park with 12 acres of common area will be commissioned on the eve of Navruz. It was built around the former metropolitan racecourse for residents and visitors of Dushanbe and is assured municipality, it produced "a lot of surprises.


Companies of the world will meet in Azerbaijan at tourism exhibition

Among those participating for the first time, you can call the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, the Argentine embassy in Baku, Maldives, United Kingdom and many tour operators from Asia.On 3 and 4 April will be held the 57th meeting of the Commission for Europe ( World Tourism Organization, UNWTO) and a workshop on the effective development of tourism organizations.


More than half a million tourists from Kazakhstan visited Kyrgyzstan in 2013

"2 million 450 thousand tourists from Kazakhstan visited Kyrgyzstan in 2013, which is more than 593 thousand people than in 2012," - said at a press release by the secretariat of the "Republic" fraction, released during a visiting session of fraction in Issyk-Kul region. "The number of tourists from Uzbekistan in 2013 was 325 thousand, but in 2012 it was 242 thousand.