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Azerbaijan tourism minister declares the price drop in the industry

According to recent press release by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan there is a firm trend for price drops in Azerbaijan's tourist industry. According to minister Abulfaz Qarayev they are constantly monitoring the situation with the prices and they managed to keep the prices down 20% last year. At the same time they recognise that in some areas the prices are inflated without any justification. 'One should not forget that most of the hotels operating in Azerbaijan are of luxury category and cater rather for corporate customers than the average tourist. For this reason it is just not possible to avoid high prices, said the minister.

President of Azerbaijan gave instructions to encourage the construction of three star hotels that would have a pricing policy in line with the purchasing ability of the middle class. The more 3 star hotels we would have the more competion between hotels would be and this will evidently result in keeping the prices low.

Qarayev also noted that for the first 6 months of this year the number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan rose 10%.

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