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PR campaign to promote tourist potential of Georgia started in Azerbaijan

Large scale PR campaign to promote Georgian tourist potential has been launched in Azerbaijan according to the head of National Tourism Administration of Georgia Mr. Georgiy Sigua.

Azerbaijan is one of the major prime markets. We have started promotion campaign from Baku also using major social networks and local media. Next year we plan to expand the PR campaign geography and cover Azeri regions as well. According to Mr. Sigua Georgia has much to offer to Azeri tourist and can leave them with a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Georgia is unique in terms of climate since such a small territory combine several climatic zones. The nature is nearly virgin, one can have a lot of opportunities to contemplate the nature and use eco-tourism opportunities, said Mr. Sigua. Apart from ecotourism the relief of Georgian Republic allows to develop sport tourism in both mountains and in water. Tourists could be interested in curative resorts including the famous resort in Borjomi.

Also, Georgia is the only country in the region where gambling is legally allowed and there are several large casinos of international level. Our country is the base for various international events and has a nice infrastructure. Number of tourists from Azerbaijan keep on rising on a daily basis. If in year 2012  rising 4,428 mln people visited Georgia, in the first 8 months of 2013 the number of tourists reached more than 3,568 people that allows us to believe that this year number of tourists from Azerbaijan will exceed 5 million people, emphasised Mr. Sigua

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