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Annual Report and Promo Commercial released by The Tourism Department

The role of tourism industry in a national economy is growing not only in Kyrgyzstan but generally in the world. Today tourism industry is one of the dominant sectors of the Kyrgyz economy as well. Main purpose of the Tourism Department is to create favourable conditions for business activity of tourism organizations and to establish a modern regulatory framework stimulating growth in this sphere, as well as development and promotion of KR tourism inside the country and abroad.


Official Tourism Information Portal will be launched in Kyrgyzstan

Department of Tourism intends to monitor service standards in local health resorts using latest information technologies, according to Maksat Chakiev, Head of Tourism Department at the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism. He said that presently it is impossible to regulate the service standards in each health resort at the legislative level.


Stereotypes about tourism in Kyrgyzstan

There are many stereotypes about tourism in Kyrgyz Republic which we should defy. One of these stereotypes is high prices. Domestic tourism market players, i.e. tour operators, travel agencies, resorts, motels, our own people, have negative perception on tourism industry and assume that prices are unreasonably high.


Promo commercial about Kyrgyzstan released

Tourism Department will release the first promotion commercial about Kyrgyzstan. K-News was informed about it by Maksat Chakiev, the Head of Tourism Department. "As you know, now there is mostly negative information about Kyrgyzstan in the Internet based on our past socio-political situations. We need promo-commercials that would reveal the tourist potential of our country, show us the way we would like to be seen in the outside world.