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Annual Report and Promo Commercial released by The Tourism Department

The role of tourism industry in a national economy is growing not only in Kyrgyzstan but generally in the world. Today tourism industry is one of the dominant sectors of the Kyrgyz economy as well.

Main purpose of the Tourism Department is to create favourable conditions for business activity of tourism organizations and to establish a modern regulatory framework stimulating growth in this sphere, as well as development and promotion of KR tourism inside the country and abroad.

In that context, May 27, 2014 together with USAID REFORM project and with the participation of officials of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Tourism Department held a presentation of Annual Tourism Report-2013 which was drawn from the analysis of the Kyrgyz Republic tourism industry.

Also the new country promotional commercial and official tourism information portal were presented. Commercial promoting tourism potential of Kyrgyzstan was filmed by the Tourism Department for the purposes of proper positioning and promotion of KR tourism in the world’s tourism arena. That commercial was created with the help of the citizens who were interested in domestic tourism development. The commercial can be viewed or downloaded from the Tourism Department Website:

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