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Official Tourism Information Portal will be launched in Kyrgyzstan

Department of Tourism intends to monitor service standards in local health resorts using latest information technologies, according to Maksat Chakiev, Head of Tourism Department at the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism.

He said that presently it is impossible to regulate the service standards in each health resort at the legislative level. However, the Department of Tourism has found another way to increase service standards in the country.

"This summer we will launch an official virtual travel guide where one would be able to find the most up-to-date information about health resorts with more or less adequate service standards. Those resorts that won’t be included into that list are just not recommended by Tourism Department. It will help tourists to choose what resorts are better, what are recommended by authorities and what are not. By visiting the resort not listed in the guide they will be doing it at their own risk", - Deputy Minister of Culture , Information and Tourism said.

As he noted, such tourism portals have been in use in many countries with developed tourism sector. "this way we will control the information field. And those resorts that will not be included in the list in the future will try to improve their service to get into it"- Maksat Chakiev said.

The Tourism Information Portal will be launched this summer. 

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