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Promo commercial about Kyrgyzstan released

Tourism Department will release the first promotion commercial about Kyrgyzstan. K-News was informed about it by Maksat Chakiev, the Head of Tourism Department.

"As you know, now there is mostly negative information about Kyrgyzstan in the Internet based on our past socio-political situations. We need promo-commercials that would reveal the tourist potential of our country, show us the way we would like to be seen in the outside world. For that reason Tourism Department has decided to create an image-building commercial where we are going to show another Kyrgyzstan, the one which is in our hearts ",- Maksat Chakiev said.

According to him, the commercial will be composed of already shot films and videos about Kyrgyzstan. The commercial’s length should be no more than 1 minute and 30 second. As Head of Department assured, the image-building commercial will be broadcasted not only on the popular video-streaming websites and social networks but also there are plans to cooperate with some world known TV channels.

"In this regard we are negotiating with Euronews TV channel. That commercial will reflect our key advantages. It is not only tourism, but also our business opportunities and our ethnic differences. We want to show our country from the inside, to show how hospitable it could be and as many say, "aikol Kyrgyzstan", that means "magnanimous Kyrgyzstan". That's what we want to show about it, " - Head of Department noted.


As Maksat Chakiev assured the funds for creating the image-building commercial were minimal and allocated not from the budget, but from sponsors. The commercial has been produced already and will be presented in late May or early July.

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