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International exhibition "Baychechekey" presented the Museum of Arts

In the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts presented the international exhibition "Baychechekey". The exposition includes more than 70 paintings, drawings and decorative arts. Exhibitors are mainly artists and teachers of the faculty of art culture and education at KGU, as well as graduates and students of "Art and Design".

"The exhibition features majeure colors, multiplicity and positive stories, diversity of contemporary decorative arts. Exhibition Baychechekey" - a whole bunch gathered from a variety of women's feelings, perceptions of female beauty and understanding the world. Fresh and attractive look floral subjects Nam Kung Mun Sun, executed in traditional Korean watercolors. Craftsmanship, light and airy atmosphere, the finest attention to detail create a surprisingly poetic beauty and harmony of the world are a kind of dedication to not only women but also all residents of Kyrgyzstan and Korea,"- noted in the museum.

The exhibition shows a keen interest in traditional national culture (shyrdak, chii, felt products, leather, kurak traditional Kyrgyz embroidery on felt) and to new directions in the development of modern professional arts and crafts with all its variety of forms and genres (tapestry, art painting fabric, carpet embroidery, applique, collage, story felt panels).

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