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The people of Tajikistan are generally very courteous, friendly and hospitable. Hospitality towards guests is an important part of Tajik culture. If you are invited to a Tajik home, you should take a small gift for your hosts. A souvenir item, like a picture book, from your home country is ideal, but if you have brought nothing suitable with you a gift such as a bouquet of flowers (get an odd number) or box of sweets is fine. Note that an invitation to go to someone's house for 'a cup of tea' invariably means something more substantial, often a full meal. If you are visiting a household in which food may be in short supply, bring with you at least as much as you expect to eat, and press that upon your hosts as a gift. Even if they initially refuse to accept it, persevere. There are some basic rules of etiquette:

O brother respect the guest and look after him
For the guest is the gift of God
For the guest brings blessings and removes the sins of the host
He who respects the guest, respects the Prophet and God
He who insults and disgraces the guest, disgraces and insults
Allah and his Prophet
He who serves the guest serves Allah and his Prophet Muhammed