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Transport in Penjikent

Shared taxis run along the scenic mountain roads to Khojand (80TJS per seat, seven hours) and Dushanbe (100TJS per seat, eight hours, 225km) from the bus station, 2km east of the central bazaar. Buses leave at around 9am for Panjrud and the Rudaki Mausoleum (6TJS, one hour), returning at 2.30pm, and you might also find white minivans headed this way. Three other buses departing at 8am, 12.30pm and 2pm also make a stop here before continuing 9km to Artush (8TJS), for access to treks in the Fan Mountains.

Taxis cost around 80TJS per car to Mazar-eSharif, 150TJS to Shing or Artush, or 200TJS to Ayni.

Minibuses #1 and #4 run along Rudaki from Elina Guest House, past the museum to the bazaar and on to the bus station.