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Transport in Zerafshan & Yagnob

Getting There & Away - The turn off to the Zerafshan Valley is a couple of miles south of Ayni, by the river crossing to Dushanbe. A taxi from Ayni to Veshab costs 100TJS to 200TJS, though you might just find a shared taxi during weekdays (25TJS per seat). From Ayni a shared taxi to Dushanbe costs 60TJS to 70TJS. For Yagnob, make your way hitching or by taxi to Takfon, from where it’s 18km east to Anzob village. A couple of kilometres east of Anzob, the old road to Dushanbe over the Anzob Pass branches south, while the turn off east leads to Magrib, 6km up the valley.

Cars run most days from Magrib to Dushanbe(50TJS per seat). Now that most road traffic uses the Anzob tunnel, the old road over the Anzob Pass is traffic-free and makes for a challenging mountain bike trip. You could hire a vehicle to take you to the top and cycle down for a fabulously scenic ride.