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Embassy report

The following is the list with latest reports for Embassy of Tajikistan in

Afghanistan (Kabul)

March 2012: A Dutch traveler was refused a visa at the Tajik embassy in Kabul. Advice of the consul: try in Mazar or Kunduz. Only after correspondence with the embassy in Brussels did he get his visa.

Azerbaijan (Baku) 

Address: Badamdar Str., Baglar street, 2nd Baglar alley, 20 Tel / Fax: (+994 12) 502-14-32 Web: Opening hours 15:00 – 17:00 Tuesday to Friday.

Get there by bus number 3 (AZN 0.20), which departs from opposite Bank Standard on Azerbaijan St which is just behind Nizami’s statue outside the old city. Get off the bus at Galin Gaya in Badamdar, and follow the sign to AEF hotel. But before arriving there, there is an alleyway to the right, and the emb is 30m on the left.

April 2013: No GBAO permit is issued as they do not have the stamp!  The consul is friendly, and speaks English well. He’ll tell you to write a letter to the ambassador, and will tell you what to write. TWO app forms, TWO photos, the said letter to ambassador, copy of passport and AZ visa. LOI apparently not needed though “helpful” the consul said. “Processing” is 4 days (drop off Tue, pick up Fri), and USD35 to be paid at time of collection. Express processing is probably available but not enquired.

China (Beijing)

No. 1-4, Section A, Liangmagiao Diplomatic Compound Phone: +86-10-6532-3039 / +86-10-6532-2598 Fax: +86-10-6532-3039

April 2013: Strange experience but nonetheless managed to get my visa with GBAO permit in 5 days for US$70. Strange because despite calling to check they were open and issuing visas, when I turned up at the embassy I was told the Consular General was away for a week and therefore they were not issuing. They also said I required a letter stating my itinerary. I went back the next day to negotiate and they accepted my application and said I should call in 5 days to check if my visa was ready. That I did and they said it would be a further 3 days. I got my chinese friend to call them and then picked up my visa an hour later. Like many things in China, if you want something done you need to get a local on the case (despite being able to speak passable chinese myself).

Iran (Tehran)

Opening hours: 9-12. Not very busy.

You need the application form printed twice , 2 photos, photocopy of passport and letter of introduction from your embassy.

May 2012: Australian traveler paid 25$ with 5 day processing time. GBAO permit was not issued in Tehran. The Tajiks require a letter from your embassy, which is free or expensive depending on your nationality. Passport is not kept during processing.

Japan (Tokyo)

July 2012: The GBAO permit cost is included in the base visa cost, but you MUST ask for it separately (in person and in your processing cover letter). If you don’t have a cover letter they will give you one to copy for the request at the consulate. Make sure you come with TWO copies of your visa paperwork (and associated photos). When picking up the visa they will make you sign that the visa is correct. NOTE: the actual dates, etc are handwritten so be sure to triple check!
Cost for Americans: 9000 JPY (8000 for the visa + 1000 processing fee) for a 30 day single entry visa. This is paid via wire transfer (ATM) with receipt DUE AT APPLICATION TIME.

Kazakhstan (Almaty)

Opening hours: 9-12 and 14-17.
June 2013: Obtained a double entry Tajik visa for $70 (payable at the Embassy) and next day collection in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This included the GBAO (for all usual districts) which was marked as a “Double Entry” permit since I am heading for a week’s side trip into Afghanistan via Ishkashim. I’ve not heard of a double-entry GBAO before, but staff at the Embassy thought it better than giving me two separate GBAO permits. No LOI needed for an Australian Passport.

June 2012: 2 Swiss travelers paid 7500 tenge for 45-day tourist visa + GBAO for next-day service. They were told they do not need registration with OVIR.
October 2011: Australian passport, 1 day processing and 45$ for 45 days + GBAO permit.
August 2011: Japanese traveler got 30-day single entry Tajik tourist visa + GBAO permit without LOI for 100$.  Processing time: 15 minutes.

Kyrgystan (Bishkek)

April-May 2013: Belgian and German nationals, visa on the spot (10min waiting). 75 usd + 100 som for 45day visa and GBAO permit. Single entry ( double was 10 usd extra). The english speaking lady from the embassy assured us that a registration is no longer needed for 45 days. 10$ less for 1 week processing.

Pakistan (Islamabad)
July 2012: Australian passport paid USD$45 all up and took under 2 hours including writing a letter of intentions.

Russia (Moscow)

The embassy is at 13 Granatny Pereulok but the visa section is about a 10 minute walk away. Everything is possible. 3 months, multiple entry,… A helpful forum post from February 2011 explains how it works in Moscow.

Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara)

Istanbul Address: Yeni Baglar cad, Billur sok. No: 16, Senlikkoy may, Florya, Istanbul Open Mon-Fri 10-12 and 2-5 for visas.

They will return documents on weekends if there are travel arrangements that mean you can’t wait. Payment at Yapikredit 5 min walk away. Catch bus BN1 or BN2 from Eminonu or Sirkeci to Florya. No tokens on bus, Istanbulkart only.

June 2013: 2 Brits applied and got a single entry 45 day visa for $25 each plus GBAO permit for $25 each. Had read that same day service is normal. Note that this is NOT the case. They will do same day as the two guys before us got theirs the same day but we were told three days is normal. It is no longer the consulate himself with whom you deal and although we don\’t know why, we suspect that as the consulate has to sign every visa and permit, it is luck of the draw if he will sign many in one day.

Also, if the consul is absent, it is impossible to get GBAO permit unless you can leave your passport with them which we could not (Uzbek visa collection). The visa he can sign in advance but the GBAO permit is a stamp that goes direct in your passport and then is signed and stamped again. If he is not there, it cannot be stamped and signed. We ended up going back 4 times and waiting for 5 hours the last time to get his signature. Do not bank on getting your visa and permit the same day. I think we were just very unlucky and they were very apologetic.
April 2013: I can vouch for the Istanbul consulate report, just picked up a 45 day visa today (British national) including GBAO permit for $60 (including $10 for double entry), also payable in €/?, took about 20 minutes. Filled in the English language form I’d printed off the London embassy website and hand wrote my own letter of intent as dictated by the consul who speaks good English as well as Russian of course and apparently Hindi and Japanese!

No LOI required, just passport with photocopy and 2 photos. Well worth the trek to the suburbs and beats ?150 for the equivalent at the London embassy open 4 hours a week!

Note: the train to Florya suburb is suspended pending construction of the new high speed line in Istanbul, you need to take the BN2 bus which runs along the coastal road from Emino"nu" and around Sultanahmet.

March 2013: I just walked in and got a visa for 45 days and the GBAO at the same time. $25 each so a total of $50. Filled in the paperwork when I got there. It’s the Consul himself who issues the visa, speaks fluent english and the process was completely straightforward.

Ankara Address: Ferit Recai Etrugrul Caddesi. Oran. (opposite Panora mall on the hill, you will see the grand embassies and their flags) N39.85207 E032.83115. Opening hours: 0900-1700 Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri.

Payment is made to the Ziraat Bank down the road at N39.84751 E032.82871

May 2013: Friendly and helpful. Filled out application form, 2 photos, and wrote letter of petition for double-entry 45 day visa. Applied Tuesday, was told it would be ready Monday, but received call on Thursday saying it was ready. $27, no visa support for American passport.
March 2013: $54 USD for 1 month or 45 days with single or double entry for British passport. No LOI required. Visa turned around in less than 24 hours. Spoke excellent English. We requested the double entry but where asked on collection if we would like 45 days instead of our requested 30 days to which we said yes as we had all ready paid. Friends we met here (British Nationals) applied in the morning and picked up visa in the afternoon for the same price.
July 2012: Collected next day, was originally told 3 days but somehow during the course of the conversation the guy said ok come back tomorrow at 3, nice! 45 day visa but no GBAO permit issued here anymore, border or Dushanbe for that. 65$ paid direct, passport kept by embassy. No LOI

June 2012: GBAO permit is no longer issued in Ankara due to ‘problem with Australian man.’  Visa is apparently no problem.

United Kingdo (London)

October 2011: British traveler applied by post. Cost 100 GBP for 2 month double entry visa + 50 GBP for GBAO permit. Processing time: 1 week. Registration with OVIR in Khorog cost 135 somoni.  The embassy requested a travel itinerary (hand-written suffices).

Uzbekistan (Tashkent)

Opening hours: 9 – 12
May 2013: Swedish passport holders applied on Friday for a 30-day tourist visa. Pick up on Tuesday, 3 working days later. Huge crowd outside, but just make sure to greet the guards with a smile and let them know that you are there for a tourist visa and they will let you in. Cost $ 55 each, they did not issue GBAO permits.
September 2012: as before: lots of people – 1 week processing 55$.
July 2012: we applied for a 45 days visa. we got 45 days plus double entry without asking for it for 55$. without LOI. Make sure that you bring your passports in the morning to get them back at 5 o’clock in the evening.
July 2012: The Tajikistan visa in Tashkent was pretty straightforward and a few tips from other travelers saved us loads of time. Bring a filled out application form from online and there are loads of locals out front in a huge crowd. Just weasel your way to the front of the crushing mass of humanity and say “tourist visa” to the security guard. There’s a second crowd of people you have to shimmy through once inside the embassy and the same trick works. It seems dirty, but it gets the job done. Cost is $55 and takes 1 week to process. No LOI needed.
June 2012: $55 for a 1-month visa (with LOI). Get there early (it opens at 8am) and just sort of edge your way to the front of the crowd. Don’t argue with the guy behind the desk too much cause he’s unlikely to change his mind just because you make sense. Do however turn up a day early if you need your visa before you’ve be told to get it.
March 2012: very crowded, 55$ with 10 working days processing time. Express fee: 200$! Tour firms can no longer help. Summer 2011: only GBAO permit – 20$. visa and permit – 60 to 70$.

¥ 9000 JPY (8000 for the visa + 1000 processing fee) for a 30 day single entry visa. This is paid via wire transfer (ATM) with receipt DUE AT APPLICATION TIME