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Sofitel Oguzkent hotel

From $260 per day
231, Bitarap str., Turkmenistan Avenue 744000 ASHGABAT TURKMENISTANShow map

Oguzkent Sofitel Ashgabat reflects the renaissance of Turkmenistan. In its spirit it combines Turkmen tradition with modernity. Located in the city center, facing the Neutrality Park, the elegant complex of 299 rooms & suites, Spa, 69 Residence apartments, convention center, shopping mall & offices is the place to be. In its restaurants, discover the fine flavors of oriental cuisine at Akhalteke, an International touch in Amou Daria and French elegance in our fine dining restaurant "La Table".

PRICES - USD, including VAT
Price per night
Single Superior Room
Single Luxury Room 290

Double Room

Suite Single \ Suite Double Room 460 \ 480