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Arrival and registration requirements

Having Turkmen visa in you passport doesn't mean that you have passed through all the formalities for entering Turkmenistan. Anyone entering Turkmenistan on a tourist visa is required to have an Entry Travel Pass, which must be brought to the border post of arrival by a representative of travel agency. Being met at the point of arrival by your tour guide is thus not so much a polite service on the part of the travel agency as a formal requirement of the Turkmen authorities.

The travel agency will have completed this document in advance, in quadruplicate. One copy goes to the tourist. Your segment of the pass will be stamped at passport control on arrival. You will need to keep it carefully, as the Entry Travel Pass is considered by the Turkmen authorities as an essential part of the tourist visa, and must be presented on departure. The cost of this service is usually included into the cost of the tour by your travel agent.

Your guide is supposed to meet you at your port of entry and escort you through the entry process (Turkmenistan immigration and customs). If he/she doesn’t show up, just make sure you get stamped in, get your foreigner registration card ($10 + $2 administrative fee), and keep a copy of your customs form. 

A further immigration card was introduced in March 2003, as one ot a series of measures designed to keep a closer watch on foreign visitors to Turkmenistan. This card is required by all foreigners entering Turkmenistan, regardless of the type of visa possessed. A US$10 fee is involved, which should be paid in cash on arrival at the border. Again, a portion of the card is stamped and given to the visitor for retention until final departure from Turkmenistan. Again, it should be kept safe.

If you will be in Turkmenistan for longer than three days, you will need to register with the State Service for the Registration of Foreign Citizens. You are required to register within three days of your arrival in Turkmenistan, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. If you have entered. Turkmenistan on a tourist visa, registration will be sorted out through your travel agent, and you should not have to go to the State Service in person.

For the registration you would need to have the following documents, so have them ready:

1) Valid Passport;
2) 2 photos (3 x 4 cm);
3) 2 passport photocopies (2)