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Shortest program for visa purpose

Basically speaking if you are not planning to spend a substantial amount of time in Turkmenistan and need just to cross the country then transit visa would be a good option for you. The only problem with this type of visa that is granted in 50% cases only leaving you with no other option but to apply for a standard Turkmen tourist visa. And for that you will need to have confirmed itinerary and a tour purchased from the local travel agency. The shortest program we outlined here would be 2 nights and 3 days, this will give a chance to check some local landmarks and have a quick overview of the country. Most of the time you will be based in Ashgabat, with the first day having an orientation of the city. We recommend to have a night tour of the city on your first night with. The city is vibrant with the lights and quite interesing to see. There is an 11:00PM / 23:00 hr, curfew so be off the streets by then as the country is under military police state, be careful where you point camera in Ashgabat. Next day take a half day tour to the ancient Parthian Ruins of Nissa which dates back to the 1st Century AD. One can wander in Ashgabat (except area in front of Presidential Palace) on your own or within any city in Turkmenistan you just can't venture on your own on Tourist visa in rural areas.

Then in mid-afternoon after half day tour of the city head on with the drive to Davarza - the fire hole in the miffle of the desert. On the way you can visit Dashoguz/Konye Urgench. Do a camping overnight. it takes 3 & 1/2 hours from Ashgabat. Next day take drive to Dashoguz that is about six hours drive. You can get up early AM to start if you expect to see Konye Urgench in the same day as it's a two hour drive from Dashoguz to Nukus Border, and on route you'll visit Konye Urgench. The border closes at 17:30. It's a lot of traveling in short time yet you can see most if pushing for time pressing for money.

Obviously, the itinerary can be done in opposite way