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Andijan Airport

Andijan Province is situated in the western part of Ferghana Valley and occupies more than four thousand sq km. The population is over two million people. Different branches of national economy are well developed here. 169 large-scale industrial and 281 agricultural enterprises operate in the Province.
Andijan Airport of Uzbekistan Airways can serve up to three hundred passengers per hour and receives all the types of aircraft. 
The airport is connected to Tashkent, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and services charter flights and cargo transportations.
-     Waiting lounges;
-     Lounge for transfer passengers; 
-     Baby care room;
-     Medical care;
-     Currency exchange office;
-     Bar;
-     Security checkpoints.
You can get to the city by the means of public transportation or taxi which is about 15 minutes drive.  

Tel.: (+99874) 224-2744

Fax: (+99874) 224-1557, 224-4864


(+99874) 224-5281 (or  8-374-224-5281)