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Namangan Airport

Namangan region is situated in the territory of Ferghana Valley with a population of near two million people. This is the region of large-scale industrial enterprises where the aviation infrastructure is well developed.

Namangan Airport is an alternate one for the airliners of Uzbekistan Airways and the CIS airliners. It also can be used for the technical stops. The airport can provide all of the required services and receives the following types of aircraft: Boeings-757/767, A-310, IL-62, IL-76TD, TU-154, RJ-85. The throughput of the air terminal is two hundred passengers per hour. At present time the scheduled flights to Tashkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg are operated.  Namangan Airport serves Gromov Air and Ural Airlines airliners. In 2004 it served eleven thousands fore hundred passengers. And in six months of 2005 the number of clients increased to eleven thousands and seven hundred.

In order to provide the passengers with maximum convenience the airport started the reconstruction of the air terminal.

The center of Namangan city is situated in 12km from the airport and you can get it on a route taxi.

Telephone:   + (99869) 226-20-84, 232-38-16
CALL-centre: + (99869) 232-28-90