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Samarkand International Airport

Even those who have no notion of the existence of Uzbekistan do somehow recall the mythical name «Samarkand». It is the most popular tourist center not only in Uzbekistan, but thought Central Asia. It takes only 45 minutes to reach this unique city from Tashkent International Airport on board a comfortable liner RJ-85. Samarkand International Airport becomes one of the major stopovers for freighters.

After a complete reconstruction the airport meets the standard of the ICAO first category and receives all the types of aircraft.  Samarkand region is one of the largest in Uzbekistan with a great economic potential. The last year investments volume into the region totaled to over twenty million dollars and that means, that the airport is of a great importance in economic development and tourism. For international passengers a new terminal has been built.  It appropriates to the highest world standards. The throughput of the terminal is four hundred passengers per hour. In  2004 it served thirty-five thousand passengers. The airport is connected to Tashkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Simferopol, Kazan and services charter flights from European countries and Japan.

Samarkand International Airport offers:
-    Special facilities for mothers with children;  
-    Aid station;
-    Booking offices;
-    International phone communications;
-    Bars and restaurant;
-    Currency exchange office.

Samarkand International Airport became a winner in the contest "Best Airport of CIS Countries-2004" in the category which includes CIS airports with passenger traffic to one hundred thousand people.

The airport is situated within eleven kilometers of the city center. Buses, vans and taxis are available from the airport to and around town. There are ample choices for your accommodation, from luxury chain hotels to tiny family B&Bs and be sure - the people of Samarkand are champion hosts!

Telephone/fax:  (+99866) 230-86-99
CALL-centre:      (+99866) 230-86-41