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CIP/VIP hall in Tashkent airport

CIP-lounge of the Tashkent airport is an exclusive service intended to provide that extra service for people that value their time & comfort. The CIP hall (Commercial Important Person) is a separate hall with top notch comfortable facilities used for arrival and departure of passengers from all airlines operating at Tashkent International Airport. The CIP hall is located on the left wing of the first floor and on the right wing of the second floor of the International passenger terminal of the main airport building. It has a separate entrance, separate  passport &  customs  control area, allowing you to have quick & smooth passage of border check formalities.

CIP lounge allows to have the following benefits:

- Easy registration of flight tickets and baggage and passing through customs, immigration and passport control areas (there is no queue comparing with ordinary lounge)
- Luggage delivery directly from CIP lounge to the aircraft "in case of departure" or from the aircraft to the CIP lounge "in case of arrival"
- Large assortment of magazines and newspapers.
- CIP lounge well-stocked Bar with meals and beverages

How it works: After arrival at Tashkent International Airport, CIP passengers are invited upon exiting the aircraft. They are taken by separate CIP vehicle/minibus to CIP hall. The airport expediter will collect luggage labels from the CIP passengers if they have baggage. The baggage will be tracked in uloading area and taken to CIP hall. Baggage is delivered and handed to passengers personally. The fee for delivery of baggage to vehicle is included in the cost of CIP hall usage.

Before entering the CIP hall the guests have to pass through passport control. CIP service gives an advantage to have it done quickly without need to queue. Then you can relax in CIP hall while awaiting your luggage to arrive. You can take your time by filling customs declaration form where you need to note what you have to declare, such as foreign currency (even a small amount), etc.  Declaration form has to be filled out in two copoes (one will be left with Customs officer and the other one stamped and returned to you). Try to keep your copy of Declaration form safe since you would need it when departing Uzbekistan. This form will allow you to take back any valuables / foreign currency for the amount not exceeding what you had initially before entering Uzbekistan.

Alcoholic beverages and extra meals are available in the CIP hall bar at additional cost. Be aware that Uzbekistan is pretty much a cash economy, and CIP hall does not accept credit cards as well.

You can book CIP service through our company. The fee for using CIP facilities at arrival is: $150 USD

To place a booking just drop us email with the details of your flight, your name, how many people are planning to be with you and all other details that you believe might be useful for us to arrange your meeting. We will confirm arrangements within 24 hours!

CIP departure service  works in pretty much the same way but in reverse order. A VIP-lounge of "Tashkent International airport" is located on the second floor at the right side of the airport and has a separate entrance. The passenger should arrive to the airport no later than an hour before the flight. When the passenger arrives to the VIP-lounge, representative takes his luggage. The passenger have to pass the Passport Control and chek-in for the flight independently. After that VIP service customer is invited to proceed to VIP-lounge where he/she would await the boarding announcement. All expenses made by passengers in the VIP-lounge bar are to be paid by passengers themselves. Payments are accepted in sumas (currency of Tashkent). Coffee, tea and soft drinks are included in the VIP-lounge services cost.

The VIP-lounge representative informs passengers about the boarding 20 minutes prior the departure time in three lanuages (Uzbek, Russian and English) and escorts them to the separate bus which takes them to the aircraft.