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Termez International Airport

The ancient city of Termez is almost in the very centre of the Surkhandarya province which preserves in its depths the unique treasures of the great ancient civilization.

Termez International Airport is the southern air gate of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It receives all the types of aircraft and helicopters and can serve up to one hundred passengers per hour. The airport operates schedule flights to Tashkent, Moscow  and charter flights to European and Asian countries.

In Termez International Airport we offer:
-     Waiting lounge;
-     Babe care;
-     Medical care;
-     Restaurant;
-     Buffet;
-     Currency exchange office;
-     Shops;
-     Telephone.

At present it is undergoing a large-scale renovation, and the entire project is expected to be completed in the nearest future.

You can get the center of the city from the airport on a route taxi.

Telephone:    8 (376) 229-31-84
CALL-centre:  8 (376) 229-31-54