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Sasha & Son hotel

From $55 per day
3, Eshoni Pyr Street, Bukhara, UzbekistanShow map

Hotel services

General: 24 hour reception

Sport and relax: 

Services: Air-conditioning, Bathrobes

Reconstructed by well known local craftsmen Sasha & Son hotel was in the past Jewish merchant's house which was built in 16th century next to synagogue. Homely atmosphere and personal hospitality awaits you in this charming small hotel with best private hotel facilities in Bukhara. The large central courtyard with seating areas is a nice place to meet people.Really charming place, located at the entrance of the old City and with the feel of 1001 nights Oriental tales.This is a great little hotel in a perfect location just a few minutes’ walk from the very heart of Bukhara.

The first thing you notice as you enter the hotel is the neighborhood. Being just a few steps from other old houses and located down an alley that can only be reached by pedestrians, you're taken back in time for several centuries. The lobby is unremarkable, but the staff all speaks English, Russian and Uzbek and all are very friendly.

To get to your room, you need to pass through the lobby into the inner courtyard area. Pretty, shuttered windows look out on the courtyard and comfortable tables with Uzbek pottery and plants make you feel comfortable. There are corridors that lead to other courtyards with other rooms.You will be just a block away from the Lyabi Hovuz square, where you can have meals at the restaurant overlooking the pond and plenty of tourist shopping. Walk two or three blocks further down and you'll be in the heart of the ancient city. Since the hotel is near the city center it is easy to get transportation from here to any major place at the city.

There are not a lot of rooms, so the hotel doesn't feel overcrowded, even when it is full.Each room is decorated individually in the traditional Uzbek style, with colorful bedspreads and wooden cut-outs and plaster molding on the walls. The ceilings are authentic old wood, and someone has spent a great deal of time painting the cut-outs on the walls in national Uzbek pottery style.

This hotel has outstanding de'cor and you’ll find numerous plaster works with colorful paintings all over the walls. Room walls are painted in white with national color ornaments.The traditional decor is very atmospheric, as is the padlock to get into the room.Central Asian wooden ceiling and wooden furniture, Bukhara carpetson the floor and chairs, etc.Nice beds, although might be hard, this depends on your preference.Pleasant accommodations and friendly staff ensure you will have a comfortable stay with a plenty to see and do.

The rooms are located around several charming irregular courtyards withshort flights of stairs or corridors in between. Sometimes you need to ascendan outside spiral staircase to reach your room.However if you have a mobility problem, you need to check that you get a room you can access.Nice bathroom, although the water is slow to drain from the bathtub.No shower curtain, so you run a risk of getting the whole bathroom floor wetwhen showering. Bathroom floor gets slippery when wet.

The rooms are fine, clean,quaint and comfortable with nice beds and quality bedding material. There are divans on the beds that look so much of a Mughal style. The furniture is also adequate.One piece of advice: if it is hot, leave your curtains and shutters closed. This will help keep the room from heating up while you are away during the day. There is an air conditioner, for which you will be very grateful during the warmer months.

There is a small yard surrounded by grapevines where you can have breakfasts or a cup of green tee after an exciting day of sightseeing. The elaborate plasterwork everywhere has been – apparently recently – painted in a variety of pastel shades giving the impression that the walls are made out of icing sugar. Breakfast is also quite nice with the hotel offering a choice of eggs or Russian pancakes as well as a selection of cereal, cold cuts, vegetables, cheese, bread, jam, and instant coffee and tea bags. A waiter will give you the choice between two hot breakfast entrees, usually one egg-based and one sweet (pancakes or crepes). If you ask, the front desk will deliver a delicious hot pot of tea to your room for less than a dollar at any time of the day.

Wi Fi is available for purchase, but is not compatible with iphones/ipads/ipods, you need to buy a ticket to access it, and it is difficult to manage for makingit work on mobiles.The hotels WiFi does not work with Apple devices; however, there are plenty of internet cafes nearby so this isn't a huge issue. Note: if you work with the owner, they can help you configure your device to work with their system; however, it probably isn't worth it as the connection is slow and this takes a bit of time.

Check-in time: 14.00 afternoon
Check-out time: 12.00 afternoon
Distance to/from airport: 20 minutes
Distance to/from city centre: in the old part of the city
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