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Ancient Business Center Chorsu

Not far from the Registan Square is a small hexagon building that once housed the business center Chorsu, at the intersection of roads connecting Samarkand, Bukhara, Shahrisabz and Tashkent. The ancient trading dome Chorsu is situated right behind the Sher-Dor. The name "Chorsu" translated from the Persian language as "crossroads" or "four streams", and symbolizes the connection paths. Also known as shopping centers in other cities in Asia.  

The existence of the trading dome at this place confirms that the Registan was medieval Samarkand's commercial center and the plaza was probably a wall-to-wall market. During the Soviet era, the site was restored, which included digging down 3 meters to its original level to expose the buildings' full height. Now it is well restored. 

The shopping center was built in the XV century, and in the XVIII century, was rebuilt, becoming a center of hats trade. In 2005 it was transferred to the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, which has transformed it into an art gallery. Interestingly, during the restoration of historic monument there was removed three-meter layer of earth, concealing the base construction.

Today, there are works of artists of our time, the diversity which reflect the Uzbek people, its culture and way of life and history and literature. In addition, here are the work of architects and sculptors of the past.

Visiting Registan, it is worth spending a little time and visiting this small gallery of Uzbek art, because masters of the brush have displayed in their works all their love to their land, its colorful and rich history.