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Tashkent parks

Green parks of Tashkent live their own life, very different of the hasty streets of Uzbek capital. Parks are a very popular retreat to young couples, old people and all those seeking a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the City. Parks are more busier in summer time, with their environments creating an incredible feeling of space and light, and  providing a cooler microclimate in hot periods.

Parks often serve as a venue for various competitions, festivals, events for veterans and the disabled people. On weekends or public holidays the parks might get too crowded. So do not get surprised if, once in Tashkent parks, you completely lose the feeling of the time!

"Tashkent-Land" - amusement park

Address: Amir Temur street, 107
Landmark: hotel International (former Intercontinental)
District: Yunusabad
Phone: (+998 71) 238 56 25
Metro: Bodomzor
Working hours: 10:00-21:00


Address: Amir Temur, 107
Landmark: hotel Intercontinental
District: Yunusabad
Phone: (+998 71) 238 56 25, 234 41 33, 234 45 45
Metro: Bodomzor
Working hours: 10:00-21:00

Ankhor lake

Address: Mustaqillik square (independence square)
Metro: Mustaqillik

Gafur Gulyam park   

Address: Drujba Narodov avenue, 21
Landmark: «Trudovie rezervi» stadium
District: Chilanzar
Phone: (+99871) - 367-25-48
Metro: Mirzo Ulugbek

Ceramics park

Address: Atatyurk street, 28
Landmark: behind the Alisher Navoi theatre
District: Mirobod
Metro: Mustakillik

"Gulshan" park

Address: Buyuk Ipak Yoli street, 250
Landmark: Stadium
District: Mirzo Ulugbek
Phone: (+99871) 265-91-59

"Babur" park

Address: Babur street, 33
Landmark: Frunzenski trade center
District: Yakkasaray

"Mirzo Ulugbek" park

Address: Yakub Kolos street, 21
Landmark: Former "Telman" park
District: Mirzo Ulugbek
Phone: (+99871) 233-40-16, 236-36-53
Metro: Hamid Olimjon

"Abdulla Kadiri" park

Address: Zarkaynar street, 6
Landmark: Chorsu bazaar, Planetarium
District: Shaykhantahur
Metro: Gafur Gulyam

"Turkvo" park

Address: Mirzo Ulugbek street
Metro: Buyuk Ipak Yoli

Mustakillik square park

Address: Mustakillik square (Independence square)
Metro: Mustakillik

Amir Temur square

Address: Amir Temur square
Landmark: Amir Temur's museum, Broadway
District: Yunusabad
Metro: Amir Temur

Tashkent golf club

Address: Rokhat lake, 1
Landmark: Lake of Rokhat
District: Bektemir

Alisher Navoi central park

Address: Almazar street, 183а
Landmark: behind the hall "Drujba Narodov"
District: Chilanzar
Metro: Yoshlik

Japanese garden

Address: Amir Temur street, 107
Landmark: Behind the International hotel (former Intercontinental)
District: Yunusabad
Phone: (+99871) 238-56-26
Metro: Bodomzor
Working: 10:00-19:00