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National Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan

The history of National Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan began in 1914. At this time Abdulla Avloniy had based amateur group "Turon". In consequence from this group there was created professional drama theater. In 1937 at the initiative of the government of Uzbekistan this theater received the status of academic.

The Uzbek national drama theatre has been located in its current building since 1967. Since then the building has been renovated numerous times, and in 2001 was restored completely.

There are 540 seats in this theatre's auditorium. Tickets can be purchased in advance or directly before the beginning of a play. Performances staged in this theatre are all in Uzbek. Those spectators who do not speak Uzbek will be interested in the musical Choreographic performance "Oh, woman", staged on the basis of the legends and songs of Uzbek folklore.

On scene of theater there were performed plays of genres, such as dramas, classic, tragedies, comedies, and also modern plays. All performances of theater are carried out in Uzbek language. For audience who don't know Uzbek language, staff of theater offers very interesting musical and plastic performances.

Special attention at theater is given to comedy plays. These performances show various daily situations, using folksy humour, traditional equipment of street theater, and also tell about ancient customs in modern interpretation.

Comedy staging pokes fun at various everyday situations, using people's humor, the techniques of traditional street theatre, and modern interpretations of ancient custom. Examples of this are "Fairy tales of ancient times" - a play based on short novels of classic of Uzbek literature by G. Gulyam, and the amusing comedy "Parable of the red apple".

E. Lessing's play "Nathan the Wise" is devoted to the philosophical issues of learning the truth of the background of the fight for power and religious opposition in Central Asia and Middle East. World classics are represented by the plays of Shakespeare, "Hamlet" and "Midsummer night's dream".

Theater tickets can be purchased in advance or directly before a playtime.

Address: 34, Alisher Navoi Str.
Phone: (+998 71) 244 17 51, 244 33 75
Plays begin: at 18:00, Tuesday-Sunday
Ticket price: from 1.5 to 2 US$