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International Forums Palace

The Palace of International Forums ‘Uzbekistan’ stands on Amir Timur Square in the very centre of Tashkent, it is considered the country’s most significant representative building; ‘Uzbekistan’ has been designed as a platform for hosting acts of state, congresses, conferences and other cultural highlights. The palace was ceremonially opened in September 2009 to celebrate Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary.

More than 5000 architects, project managers and skilled workers cooperated on this huge project.

The Palace of International Forums has maintained the classical external elements for its appearance, yet it hints to the visitor its modern interior through the extensively glazed facade. The main foyer with a ceiling height of over 16 meters and an area of 2,500 square meters is intentionally staged and atmospherically dense creating bounteousness.   The extravagant chandelier with 1.1 million Swarovski crystals is nine meter high, while its 23-meter length outlines the longitudinal axis of the foyer.  In this grandeur open floor plan of the foyer the “floating” staircases relieve the monumental palace coulisse as they support the organizational structure of the interior.

The overwhelming impression of the room is achieved by using exquisite materials. The walls were covered in mother of pearl, stucco work and more than 1300 running meters of Swarovski wallpaper. The ebony parquet floor was enhanced with marquetry made of over 32 tons of Carrara Arabescato and Sivic marble for added effect. The unusual ceiling with its organic shapes emphasised by indirect lighting reinforces the height of the room and also serves to convey an impression of generous space. The dimensions are also reflected in the furnishings. The room remains spacious even with a total of eighteen round banquet tables, Walter-Knoll chairs in matching colours of brown-beige and a ten meters long, slightly bent "president?s table" put up.

The colour composition of white, black and cre`me, combined with fine ebony, makes for a very high-class effect. At the same time, the materials were chosen not only for their exclusiveness, but also according to functional aspects. For example, sound-control plaster was used to achieve perfect room acoustics.

The lighting concept offers some true highlights: Two opulent Swarovski crystal lamps, each consisting of 1600 separate stones with a diameter of 7 cm, break every ray of light and draw all looks. Effectively used indirect light emphasises the contours of the organic shapes and, at the same time, creates a festive and ceremonial atmosphere. Recessed lamps and some spots are placed in the ceiling construction to sparkle like stars in the sky.