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Hotels in Uzbekistan

Visitors to Uzbekistan would be surprised to have a wide choice of hotel accommodation across the country. Uzbekistan has hotels for all budgets, and types of accommodation range from large, Western-style hotels to a converted madrassa, and family-run guesthouses to desert yurt stays.

At the top-end of the market (luxury and upmarket), Tashkent has hotels with marble bathrooms, quality restaurants and hot and cold running 'flunkies'. They typically fall into the four-star bracket, though the prices they charge might suggest otherwise. Top chains such as Intercontinental, Hyatt, Dedeman have carved out a premium hotel sector in Tashkent, though Sheraton, Le Meridien and others have deserted the country in the last couple of years.

Mid-range hotels are a mixed bag, with some charging excessive sums for fairly basic facilities. The Soviet-era hotels often fall into this bracket, and are generally to be given a wide berth, but there are also an increasing number of pleasant, affordable choices. The best options are in Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand, where competition has led to an improvement in quality but kept prices low. The mid-range bracket also includes a small number of boutique or heritage hotels, where historic buildings have been restored and converted into atmospheric places to stay. In addition to an attractive exterior, you can expect your room and public spaces to have ornately plastered or hand-painted ceilings, antique or hand-crafted furniture, and colourful, locally produced textiles.

Samarkand and Bukhara in particular have served as catalysts for the 'boutique' and Bed & Breakfast revolution now spreading affordable and interesting homestays nationwide. The traveller is already spoilt for choice in Bukhara's old town, where numerous cozy hotels such as Malika, Orient Star and others provide style, comfort, friendly service, good food and private transport.

Most of the small and medium hotels will ask you settle the payment by cash even if they advertise accepting card payments. This is due to difference between official and black market currency exchange rates. So don't get surprised why the card terminal is alwayas "broken" or they have "temporary" problems with the bank.

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