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Different sexes sharing a room

QUESTION - I am a female and my travel buddy is male. We normally share a room to avoid a double our costs. Will we have any problems sharing a room in Uzbekistan hotels? I've read conflicting reports about whether hotels/guesthouses let an unmarried male and female share a room.

ANSWER - Uzbekistan has a legislation not to allow Uzbekistan's female citizens to a room where male is checked in unless you are married couple and can show marriage certificate. As long as your partner hold a foreigner passport you will not have a problem with this issue! It is a concern only for local females which is obviously related with the prostitution control.

OVIR registration process

QUESTION - What does the OVIR registration process look like in practice? Will I have to leave my passport in the hotel reception to obtain the registration slip? Or will I receive it immediately?

ANSWER - It is very simple process. You get your registration slip on your check-out from the hotel or when you settle your bill. Reception will need your passport. Some hotels keep your passport until you check out and some keep it for couple oh hours to write OVIR registration slip. You do not have to lose this slip as you may be requested to show it upon your departure.

Tashkent train station

QUESTION - Is it possible to buy train tickets for other routes in Tashkent train station, like Bukhara-Samarkand and Samarkand-Tashkent? Can we store our luggages in the train station? We would like to store luggage for a longer period, about a week. Is that possible?

ANSWER - You can purchase train tickets in Tashkent train station for any route. Also, no problem to store your luggage for a week in this station.

Changing place of visa issuance Uzbekistan

QUESTION - Our visa support letter to Uzbekistan and visa application forms state the Uzbek visa will be issued in Almaty, but we are considering to change this to another city, Bishkek. Is it possible to get a visa in a different location than the LOI indicates, or is it set to that location only?

ANSWER - You will have to contact travel agency which arranged LOI to change the visa issuance place. You can not get your visa stamped  in a different location than the LOI indicates.