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Alijon hotel

From $26 per day
92, Firdavsiy Str., Samarkand cityShow map

Alijon hotel is located in a quiet residential area within walking distance of Samarkand's restaurant district. Hotel is built and furnished in contemporary Uzbek style. Mansoora and her team welcome you warmheartedly, and ensure a comfortable stay with their true Uzbek-Tajik hospitality.

For your every need, Hotel Alijon offers Single, Double, and Twin rooms, as well as apartment Suites. There are 14 rooms in total, they are very basic with soviet-style furniture that is heavily used. Old TV-sets in the rooms are the only luxury you would have. Spartan conditions but generally clean.

Enjoy a generous breakfast, lunch or dinner under the shady tree in the cool courtyard with fountain.

PRICES - USD, including VAT
Rack Rate
Standard Single Room            20
Standard Double/Twin Room            35