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Darboz-Rope walkers

Among the various traditions of the peoples of Central Asia, the festival of fun differs in its category. This, of course, dances, songs, and puppet shows, wrestling, and horse races and performances equilibrists - darboz as they are referred to as the East.

Spread on the territory of Uzbekistan and the early Middle Ages this was a circus. A large number of people involved is always the Rope Dancer. They were markets or large squares. No holiday is celebrated without the acrobat show. Old to young, all the people they have assembled, exhibitions were often visited by the local city government.

It is passed from generation to generation, because it is a national tradition, survived so much. Glorious traditions of their fathers, rope-walkers, and today there is a great successor.

Acrobat Craft is very difficult, it is the flexibility and power of endurance. The tightrope walker - mostly men-have darboz. They usually include bright colors or soft leather boots with a white shirt and black pants, or are dressed in traditional costume. Darboz rope safety line and reaches a height of 4-5 m to 50 m. The height of the great concentration and attention and skill is required.

During the show darboz climbs the rope and begins his show. Walking along the rope darboz holds a pole for balance. Unsurpassed masters are those equilibrists who can keep the balance on the rope while standing on one leg. When darboz reaches the other end of the rope, he again repeats all his own stunts, but walking backwards, which is another sign of rope walker’s skill.

Today the rope-walkers show can be seen during such holidays as Navruz and Independence Day of Uzbekistan, during the national festivals, their performances are held in Tashkent Circus.