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In the center of the traffic circle in Yerevan's Republic Square is a large oval surface. Although you will have to negotiate the madly circling taxis, it's worth trying to take a look. Etched in the cement oval is the pattern of an Armenian rug—the kind placed in most living rooms to welcome guests—which symbolizes the world-renowned hospitality of the Armenian people.

In a sense, Armenian hospitality is an extension of the regard for family. In a culture where "family" extends to aunts, uncles, cousins, and far beyond, many are welcomed within this warm embrace.

Armenians famously open up their homes and share their time with others on a regular basis. The spirit of hospitality is pervasive throughout the country, but especially in rural areas, where it is quite common for visitors to be invited into homes for coffee, a taste of homemade wine, or even a meal.

In Yerevan, it is not quite as common to be invited into a family home, but there is a spirit of welcome that is unmatched in other cities. Tourists will notice this friendliness, as they are almost always stopped on the street and asked if they need direictions, assistance, or—sometimes—a good dinner.

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